Measurable result

Interaction with the client is accompanied by a large number of paper documents, such as applications, questionnaires, contracts and copies. The faster the data specified by the client in such documents is in the information system (CRM, ERP), the faster the service business process starts. At the same time, the absence of input errors directly affects the quality of the service.

It is quite possible to reduce the costs of processing client documents, speed it up and increase the reliability of data. We offer our clients a range of services that can be used both selectively and as a single package.

  • acceptance of mail, barcoding, sorting and preparation for scanning;
  • scanning and layout of originals by storage units;
  • recognition, extraction of meaningful data (customer, contract number, type of service, etc.);
  • verification and adjustment (to comply with data already stored in CRM and business process standards);
  • formation of a package of documents requiring manual verification, and related contracts;
  • automatic conversion and upload to the CRM system;
  • final attribution and storage of processed documents in electronic or paper archives.