Automation and Simplification
At this stage, we increase the efficiency of printing and document handling processes. To do this, we digitize the paper document flow and redesign the workflows. By creating an optimized, controlled and secure print environment integrated into the IT infrastructure, we can focus on increasing document productivity.
Security and integration
By implementing our services, we become part of your organization. Therefore, when optimizing your print infrastructure, we must be sure that all its elements are integrated into the information infrastructure safely and in compliance with accepted standards, without adversely affecting the operation of other systems and network resources. Each of the printing devices should become a full-fledged IT asset. This is another step on the way to greater efficiency.
Analysis and optimization
Our analytical approach helps you get a complete picture of your print infrastructure. The architecture of the tools we use to collect and analyze information at the local, regional and global levels includes thin and thick client technologies, as well as interaction with cloud storage. This means that we can deal with any infrastructure.

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