Xerox Connection Key


Safety comes first for us, and we know that it is extremely important for your business as well. That's why every Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology device is built with a comprehensive, four-pronged security approach to ensure systems, components, and points of vulnerability are fully and comprehensively protected.

                                                    Security Features
1. Prevention of unauthorized access

Whether it is transmitted data or MFP data, all access points to them are securely protected by means of user authentication and access control.

2. Checking devices

Comprehensive verification of native software, enabled automatically at startup or manually by authorized users, reports any malicious changes detected. McAfee® Whitelisting technology continuously monitors and automatically prevents malware from running.

3. Protection of data and documents

Security features prevent the transfer of critical data to third parties. Access to documents is opened only in the presence of an authorized user, so that the scanned information is protected from unauthorized persons. Xerox also secures all stored data with the highest level of encryption.

4. Partnerships with other manufacturers

ConnectKey technology provides a high level of security through collaboration with McAfee®. The security performance of our devices is rigorously compliant with international standards and is backed by certifications such as Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2.