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A significant part of communications with counterparties still takes place on paper and is transmitted by regular mail. Documents that require a signature and a seal cannot do without paper at all. The criticality of the time of delivery of such documents is especially high, and the risk of loss or disclosure of confidential information during the delivery process makes it necessary to control the passage of correspondence within the organization.

Using Xerox's incoming and outgoing mail processing services, you can significantly speed up its passage within the company, track it at any time, protect confidential information and easily find copies of previously sent documents. We offer services such as:

  • registration of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, barcoding;
  • opening, scanning (optionally - recognition) and automatic forwarding to the recipient of the electronic version of the letter;
  • sending an email notification and physical delivery of confidential correspondence that cannot be opened;
  • printing, layout of envelopes, transmission of outgoing messages to postal services;
  • creation of an electronic archive of correspondence with the possibility of a quick search;
  • tracking the movement of correspondence both within the company and outside it;
  • automation of the office, including reporting, staging and control of execution.