Service must work like a conveyor belt: accurately, quickly, efficiently and equally everywhere. You can never know in advance whether the client will return tomorrow, whether the company was able to solve his problems, or whether he is satisfied with the service. This should not affect the quality of your service.High quality service from an organizational point of view may not work with a specific client and his specific issues. In this case, you should pay attention to service standards, and not be led by customer loyalty.

Models of such service are found in large companies, where all efforts are aimed at automating processes, including customer service. Until recently, this was their competitive advantage, but today, when consumer demands for personalized service are growing, it has become their weak point.

The use of an auto-informer has become a common practice. The recorded voice seems polite, but does not motivate you to wait 40 minutes for a real person to respond. Individual attention to each client becomes the path to success and victory over competitors.