Our analytical approach helps you get a complete picture of your print infrastructure. The architecture of the tools we use to collect and analyze information at the local, regional and global levels includes thin and thick client technologies, as well as interaction with cloud storage. This means that we can deal with any infrastructure.

Using the Asset DB and CompleteView Pro suite of integrated tools, we automate the data collection, entry, and validation processes to ensure that the information we work with is trustworthy and interpreted in the context of your organization's infrastructure.

In this way, we give you a complete picture of your printing costs and identify the potential to reduce them. We also analyze various aspects of infrastructure, including the ecological footprint in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and the trees that are cut down for paper production.

The collected information allows us to model various scenarios for the optimization and development of the printing infrastructure together with you, as well as to compare its key indicators (operational, financial and environmental) with industry standards.