By implementing our services, we become part of your organization. Therefore, when optimizing your print infrastructure, we must be sure that all its elements are integrated into the information infrastructure safely and in compliance with accepted standards, without adversely affecting the operation of other systems and network resources. Each of the printing devices should become a full-fledged IT asset. This is another step on the way to greater efficiency.

Today it is impossible not to pay attention to information security. Therefore, we use modern data protection technologies that provide identification, encryption and virus resistance. On these issues, we partner with recognized experts such as Cisco and McAfee.

Implementing the functionality of printing from mobile devices, we first of all remember information security. At the same time, employees working remotely and using personal mobile devices get the opportunity to print on office printers and MFPs safely, quickly and conveniently.

We will help you to differentiate the levels of user access to printing devices or their functions, set print limits, as well as prohibit unauthorized reproduction of certain categories of documents. The return on investment in such solutions will not be long in coming. Already in the first months, you will see savings from reducing the volume of unnecessary printing.