Our capabilities
We have installed over 2,700 scanners for our customers, which digitize over a million pages daily.

We operate over 100 in-house document streaming centers around the world with a throughput of approximately 11.5 million pages per day. The total volume of processed images reaches 3.5 billion per year. We offer:


Experience and expertise

We will analyze your workflow and prepare for you a strategy for moving to a new document processing format by developing all the necessary procedures, templates and regulations. We know what it means to process really large volumes of documents. We have such experience. We know the legal and business requirements. We have such expertise.

Infrastructure and technology

We will design a scalable hardware and software solution that will meet industry standards, take into account the characteristics of your organization and integrate into its IT infrastructure.


Qualified Xerox operators who have completed all the necessary training and internships will take over the routine work. We will provide a dedicated manager who will ensure interaction within the framework of the contract and prompt response to changing requirements.