Response time to customer inquiries reduced by seven times

Xerox employees process more than 10,000 pieces of correspondence (letters, faxes and e-mails) every day for the United Kingdom Financial Mutual Fund. The introduction of this service allowed the organization to reduce the time of consideration of an insured event from seven days to one.

40% faster processing

Using automated mail processing technologies and the delivery of electronic copies (if possible), we expedite the transfer of correspondence to the recipient employees. At the same time, the time of routing correspondence within the company is guaranteed by the contract.

The customer service center of SNT Deutschland AG receives more than 16,000 letters, faxes and e-mails daily. The introduction of the Xerox service made it possible to speed up the processing of client correspondence by 40% with the efforts of half the number of employees.

Reduction of personnel performing non-core functions by 33%

We guarantee the quality of service within our services, regardless of the volume. You do not need to inflate the state, maintaining a resource reserve, invest in equipment and training. Due to the improvement in the quality and speed of processing correspondence, the number of conflict situations with counterparties is reduced, the loyalty and performance discipline of employees are increased, and hence the overall profitability. For example, a Dutch social protection organization was able to reduce the number of employees involved in the processing of correspondence (about 22,000 letters daily) from 120 to 80.